April 2011

Standing Committee Meeting Gatwick April 2011

Delegates from 14 sections attended the meeting on 16th April 2011

The following points were covered at the meeting:

New Standing Committee Delegates were recognised – Massimo Brogna of Italy and Jorge Fernandes of Portugal.

Marcus Wuest will succeed to the position of General Secretary in September, subject to confirmation at the Annual General Meeting.

Reports were given on the 2010 Boat Championships in Iceland, the 2010 Species Championship in Portugal, the 2010 Game Championship in Senegal and the 2010 Shore Championships in Wales.

Applications were approved for the following events:
2013 Boat and Line Class Championship – Elsinore, Denmark
2012 Species Championship – Cod – Ireland May
2012 Shore Championship – Iceland
2013 Shore Championship – Netherlands
2014 Shore Championship – provisional application Wales
2016 Boat & Line Class Championship – provisional application Ireland

Venues for the 2012/13 Game Championships were discussed, with provision of full details to be made available for decision at Weymouth in September. Possible venues South Africa, Mexico or Thailand.

A proposal restricting affiliation of organisations to the EFSA national section of the country where they are geographically based, was approved, for submission to the Annual General Meeting for confirmation.

It was confirmed that the next Standing Committee Meeting, and Annual General Meeting will take place in Weymouth on Saturday September 17th.