April 2014

Standing Committee Meeting Gatwick April 2014

The meeting was attended by delegates from 12 sections.

The following items of interest were covered.

Malta was welcomed to the meeting for the first time, and a new delegate from the Netherlands.

Donations to the Hamish Holmes memorial fund now exceeded £2000, and memorial pieces had been presented to his widow, and placed with the EFSA trophies in Norway. Miniatures will be present to the trophy winner at Championships.

The future strategy of EFSA and the need for a P.R.O. to maintain the website and Handbook was under review by Headquarters.

The meeting approved an increase in the membership levy of £1 commencing in 2015. The Treasurer recommended that sections should consider the future of Life Membership in the light of inadequate income from such fees to service those members.

Approval was given to the Constitution amendment reducing expenses for the Secretary and Treasurer.

The need has been identified to incorporate Game Championship rules into the general fishing rules, but this would be done by a full revision of Boat, Shore and Game sections of the rules.

Executive Officers gave full reports: The following points emerged. Whilst the Championships in Denmark had been successful, the inadequacy of result reporting, provision of photographs and non-adherence to dress code had detracted  from the event. Only 3 new records had been approved in 2013, and to date no claims had been made in 2014. The Championship Officer (Boat) gave notice that he would not be standing for re-election in 2015.

Review of the 2013 events took place, together with updates on forthcoming events.

The following applications for Championships were approved: Species 2015 Denmark for Flatfish, Species 2016 England for Conger, Shore 2015 Malta, Shore 2017 Netherlands.

Suggestions for spring meetings in Italy and Malta would not be pursued at the present time as with the location of Executive members England remained the most economic venue.

The next meeting will be in Weymouth on Sunday September 14th.