August 2009

Standing Committee Meeting 1st August 2009 Stromness

Delegates from 12 sections were present at the meeting.

The following matters are of note:

The Chairman was fully recovered from his road accident and was pleased to be present for the meetings and Championships.

A successful Species Championship had been held from Plymouth targeting conger on a catch and release basis.
The next Species Championship will be in Portugal in September 2010, target species bream.

The brochure for the 2010 Boat and Line Class Championships in Iceland was circulated.
The 2011 event will be in Weymouth, England and the 2012 in either Tanager or Harstad, Norway.

The 2010 Game Championships will be fished in Senegal.

A new qualification date for payment of subscriptions was approved. Subscriptions are due on the 1st January, and must be paid by the 31st January failing which the section does not qualify to enter National teams in the Boat & Line Class Championships.

Advertisements were requested for the 2010 Record List booklet.

Following the meeting the new format Annual General Meeting took place.
The following points were covered.

2008 Accounts were approved.

Officers were elected as follows:

  • Chairman   Horst Schneider
  • Supplies Officers  Joe Edwards
  • Championship Officer – Game  Peter Lobs
  • Championship Officer – Boat  David Styles
  • Championship Officer – Shore  Phil Lustig

Amendment was agreed to Constitution Rule 16.2. covering the change in Subscription payment deadline.