May 2010

Standing Committee Meeting Dalvik, Iceland May 2010

Delegates from fourteen sections attended the meeting.
The following matters of interest were discussed:

No new applications for section formation have been received. The application from the Faroe Islands has not been progressed.

The transfer of secretarial duties to Marcus Wuest had progressed well and would be completed before the 2011 Championships.

The Secretary advised sections once again on accepting late entries to events. Scotland had done so in 2009 and had then been let down by non-attendance.

It was requested that all sections provide a brief written report on their current situation for circulation with the AGM Minutes.

Sections were reminded of the need to comply with Record Fish Claim procedures as once again a potential record had not been ratified, due to late submission by the claimant’s section.

Full procedural information was given on the forthcoming Game Championships in Senegal.

Re-election of the Treasurer and Fish Recorder was unanimously supported, and would be confirmed at the AGM.

Member sections were once again asked to ensure that they carry out full translations of the Fishing Rules.

No Championship nominations beyond 2012 had been received, apart from  section Ireland who wished to apply for the 2016 Boat & Shore Championships, to celebrate their 20th anniversary.

Brochures for the 2011 Boat Championships in Weymouth were circulated.
The final venue for the 2012 event in Norway has yet to be finalised.
Entries for the 2010 Species championship in Portugal were approaching 100 anglers.

The next Standing Committee Meeting will be in Gatwick in April 2011.

Following the Standing Committee Meeting the AGM took place.

This approved the 2009 Accounts and confirmed the re-election of
Arthur White as Treasurer, and David Wood as Fish recorder.

The next AGM will be on 17th September 2011 at Weymouth.