September 2007

Standing Committee Meeting Weymouth September 2007

The following items of interest were discussed and agreed at the Standing Committee Meeting held in conjunction with the 2007 Championships in Weymouth. Thirteen countries were represented.

Cyprus was welcomed as a new section of EFSA.

The following new Championship venues were approved:

Line Class & Boat Championships 2009 – Stromness, Orkney Islands, Scotland
Line Class & Boat Championships 2010 – Iceland
Shore Championships 2009 – Langeland, Denmark (Organised by EFSA Germany)
Game Championships 2008 – Mexico

Norway indicated the likelihood of applying for the 2011 Line Class & Boat Championships, and Russia for a Species Championship.
In addition it is hoped to start a “Mediterranean Cup” amongst those sections within southern Europe.

The Fish Recorder David Wood and Treasurer Arthur White were re-elected for further 3 year terms.

H.C. Clausen of Denmark was awarded a Honorary Life Membership for past services to EFSA.

The next Standing Committee Meeting is scheduled for April 2008 at Gatwick.