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EFSA European Shore Angling Championships 2022, Santa Maria Coghinas, Sardinia, Italy – October 12th – 15th

Dear fellow EFSA anglers and friends,

For this year’s EFSA European Shore Fishing Championship we welcome you to Sardinia. It has been the second time in 4 years that our shore angling community will be traveling to Italy for this prestigious event. I have fond memories from the last time we fished in this beautiful country. One of the reasons why I joined EFSA is that anglers have the opportunity to visit places and fish venues you would normally not venture to on your own. It is always a challenge targeting different species with unusual baits.

For this I am very grateful for our hosts from EFSA Italy to come forward on short notice to host this competition.
It will also be a most welcome break from the autumn weather for most of us northern European anglers.

I am looking forward to meeting many of you!

Marcus Wuest,
EFSA President

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EFSA European Shore Angling Championships 2021, Kilmuckridge, Co. Wexford, IRELAND — September 29th — October 2nd.

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European Shore Championship 2019 • Akureyri May 2019 • Newsletter no. 3

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