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Visiting Italcanna

It was fantastic for me to travel to Italy for the EFSA European Shore Fishing championships hosted by EFSA Italy on Sardinia. Not only could I fish in Sardinia for the first time in my life but I also took the opportunity to ride my motorbike around this beautiful island.

I have come away from there with great memories. Not so much the fishing itself for me personally but returning some day at a different time of the year sounds extremely promising.

My trip did not end there, though. Next stop was near Lucca to visit Italcanna. This was again a first for me. Italcanna have been a proud sponsor of EFSA for many years. Everyone who has ever seen EFSA’s yearbooks will know their full page adverts on the back.

After travelling across an incredible scenery in Italy I arrived in Segromigno in Monte at the foot of a mountain range.

There I met with the D’Olivo family namely Carlo, Gian Marco and Giovanni Battista.

I could not have possibly been welcomed any friendlier.

After discussing some ideas for further collaboration (watch this space!) Giovanni Battista gave me a tour of the surrounding area – including showing me his collection of motorcycles. This also included a Harley Davidson.

After that they showed me their production facility. Italcanna produce all their fishing rods from scratch in Italy. It is very rare this days and re-assuring that there is no China dependency here. All is top quality and some of the game fishing rods proudly feature the EFSA logo. Just recently Italcanna won the Long Casting World Championship 2022

in both the men’s and women’s categories, this further proof of the quality of their products.

The day finished with a dinner during which Giovanni Battista and I solved all the world’s problems over a typical Italian meal.

As president of EFSA I cannot be more proud than having our association supported by Italcanna and the committed D’Olivo family.

Marcus Wuest

President EFSA

More on the fishing in Sardinia on


If you’re interested in my motorbike trip see

EFSA European Shore Angling Championships 2023, Noordwijk, Netherlands, 10th-13th May



EFSA European Species Championships (Bream), Weymouth, England, 6th to 8th July 2023



EFSA European Boat & Line Class Championships, Cobh, Ireland 16th to 23rd September 2023



Standing Commitee Meeting

The EFSA Standing Committee Meeting was held on April 9th, 2022 London Welsh RFC, Richmond. Thirteen members attended representing seven sections.
A copy of the minutes will be available on the website shortly.
Future championships were agreed as follows:


Boat Championships, Helsingor – August 8th to 12th 2022.

Boat & Line Championships, Cobh 2023 – week commencing 16th September 2023. Three days all tackle, two days line class. Brochure will be available at Helsingor.

Species 2023, Weymouth, England for Bream – 7th and 8th July 2023. Brochure will be available at Helsingor.

Species 2024 Langeland, Denmark, possibility of a small boats type event, further investigation required.

Boat & Line Championships, Weymouth, England 2024 – 7th to 14th September. Details to follow.


Shore Championship 2022 – a preliminary brochure has been received from EFSA Italy for Championships to be held in Sardinia in October. Details to follow.

Shore Championship 2023 – Netherlands in May. Details to follow.

Shore Championships 2024 – Wales TBA


Game Championship 2022 – Sao Vincente, Capo Verde – 23rd to 28th April (Entry Full)

Game Championships 2024 – Simonstown, South Africa – May 13th to 18th. Details to follow

Statement by EFSA HQ

Like many people, we have watched with horror at what has been going on in the Ukraine.
In line with many other sporting bodies, we at EFSA HQ have decided that, in accordance with Clause 11.5 of our Constitution, EFSA Russia should be suspended from EFSA with immediate effect. Therefore no official representation from section Russia will be accepted at our EFSA European fishing events until further notice. This is pending confirmation at the next meeting of the Standing Committee, which is empowered to take any action it deems necessary.
As EFSA we are an individual members association organised through national sections. Russian nationals wishing to participate will have to do so as individuals not displaying any symbols related to EFSA Russia.
Further to this situation the office of the PRO will be from now on and for the foreseeable future, held by Andy Smith (EFSA Game Festival Officer).
Marcus Wuest 
EFSA President

EFSA European Championships Boat 2022 Øresund -Helsingør, Denmark, August 8th to August 12th

Click here to download the event Brochure


Libby Walker obituatory

Libby Walker worked tirelessly for EFSA Scotland at both section and headquarters level and her contribution to their running was enormous. As a member of our Executive attending major events she was the epitome of an EFSA member in immaculate uniform and expected nothing less from the Scottish contingent. She served as our chairperson and as our secretary and was also one of our Standing Delegates attending HQ meetings in the 1980’sand 1990’s. She became the HQ Festival Officer for Boat and Shore and held that post from 2000 to 2006, overseeing all the major Boat and Shore events run under the EFSA banner. She was a stickler for detail and will be remembered by some for her very detailed minutes of meetings. AND, her memory was impressive!

Libby was EFSA Scotland’s secretary for over 20 years until she retired. When I succeeded her in 2005, I did so with some trepidation! Even after she retired, she was always available to supply details of members from her card index system and I’m sure it was secretly kept updated.

For me, Libby was always there. I am sure that that feeling will be echoed by the majority of our members and members of sections throughout the Federation who knew her.

We’ll miss you Libby

Ian MacGregor


EFSA Scotland

OPES Italy surfcasting organisation becomes EFSA affiliated member

For more details about OPES click here

New President/Chairman and General Secretary of EFSA elected

Marcus Wuest – President

After 26 years of service in Head Quarters Horst Schneider was standing down as President/Chairman of EFSA. On April the 17th 2021 the Standing

Warren Doyle

Warren Doyle – General Secretary

Committee and AGM elected Marcus Wuest from section Germany as new President/Chairman. Marcus has been holding the position of General Secretary of EFSA since 2011.

The newly elected General Secretary of EFSA is Warren Doyle from Ireland. Warren has been Ireland’s Standing Committee delegate as well as section Ireland’s secretary for more than 20 years.

We are grateful for Horst’s outstanding helmsmanship of EFSA during his years in charge and hope to meet him frequently fishing within the EFSA family. The Standing Committee awarded Horst honorary life membership of EFSA HQ.

For Marcus and Warren we wish them all the best and a safe hand steering EFSA well for the years to come