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EFSA European Species Championship (cod & coalfish), Olafsvik, ICELAND, 26 to 28 May 2022

Due to travel restrictions in Europe because of the Covid-19 crises The Organizing Committee and the Board of EFSA Iceland decided to cancel the European Species Championship to be held in Olafsvik Iceland May 20th-22nd 2021.

Many EFSA Sections announced that their members will not be able to travel in May due to the crises and therefore very few anglers outside of Iceland can attend the Championship. EFSA Iceland will send to EFSA HQ an application to held the European Species Championship next year (2022) in May in Olafsvik targeting Cod and Coalfish.

First Announcement & Programme.

Click here to download the Programme: EFSA Iceland Olafsvik 2022 Programme
Click here to download EFSA Species Olafsvik 2022 Newsletter No1
Click to download EFSA species Olafsvik 2022 Newsletter No2

EFSA 2021 European Species Championships in Iceland – Interview with the organiser

In this video one member of the organising committee from EFSA Iceland, Thorir Sveinsson, answers a few questions about the event in a Zoom conference call

More information, please download the following:

Skessu horn Newsletter Olafsvik 2022

Jökull Newsletter Olafsvik 2022 Website Olafsvík 2022

Olafsvik Species 2022 Final Report

Photos and videos from Olafsvik 2022 European Species Championship


EFSA Iceland likes to thanks everybody that took part in Olafsvik 2022 and/or help us to make the Championship become a reality.

EFSA Species Langeland – Boat draw and info for training day

Training day on Monday, October 30 for those who have booked it:
Meeting is at 7:30am in Angelcentrum Langeland where bait can be purchased and you will be informed, which boat you are fishing on.
A draw will be done at registration to assign the boats to the numbers as per boat draw (5 boats).
We propose the protest committee to be Neil Bryant, Thorir Sveinsson, Lars Hellum, Cees Vader and Marcus Wuest.