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On March 29, 2019, the governing bodies of EFSA Portugal were elected for the four-year period 2019-2023.

The winning list aims to boost the achievement of the goals and objectives set out in the Statutes of EFSA Portugal, with the driving force behind the defense of oceans and marine species in favor of a Clean Sea. It is also the Directorate’s objective to encourage fishermen to participate in responsible fishing, awareness of the need to care for the marine environment and its species, as well as to promote the release of species that do not have minimum sizes established by the Portuguese Law. 

EFSA Scotland section Annual Awards 2016 according to the AGM held 18th March 2017

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BigGame Open 2017 Marlins and Tunas

Azores – São Miguel Island / Ponta Delgada • September 8th – 13th 2017

EFSA Portugal will hold an open tournament and invites teams from EFSA sections to participate in it. The tournament will have three days of fishing, on September 9, 10 and 13, according to the detailed programme. The regulation will be the one that will be applied in the European Gaming Championship of EFSA in September of 2018, organized and realized by EFSA Portugal. Considering that the EFSA European Game Championship 2016 and 2017 were not held, we invite members of EFSAs who are lovers of coarse fishing will have in this tournament an opportunity to get to know the Azores and acquire the knowledge necessary for a great participation in the European Championships 2018 which will also be Held in the Azores.

The invitation is made, your presence will always be welcomed.


8th Friday of September

Arrival to Ponta Delgada

Accommodation at Hotel

15.30 – Captain meeting at Clube Naval Ponta Delgada

17.30 – Welcome cocktail

9th Saturday of September

All day event – Big Game Fishing competition

Cocktail Clube Naval Ponta Delgada

10th Sunday of September

All day event – Big Game Fishing competition

Cocktail Clube Naval Ponta Delgada

11th Monday of September

10.00 – Tourist Trip in S. Miguel

13.00 – Typical Lunch

19.00 – Dinner free

12th Tuesday of September

All day event – Big Game Fishing competition

Cocktail Clube Naval Ponta Delgada

13th Wednesday of September

09h00 – Tour to Furnas with visit to “ Lagoa do Fogo” Volcanic complex

12h30 – Visit the volcanic fumaroles and see when the cozido is dug out

13h00 – Typical lunch cozido in Terra Nostra Restaurant

– After Lunch visit the Terra Nostra Garden, beautiful setting and opportunity for swimming in volcanic heated water

– Visit the “Caldeiras” area, in the village of Furnas, with natural springs and other fumaroles

– On the way back to Ponta Delgada take the road along the North coast and stop to visit the Tea plantation of Gorreana

18h00 – Arrival to Ponta Delgada

19h30 – Transfer to the restaurant

20h00 – Farewell closing dinner and awards ceremony

23h30 – Return to Hotel

14th Thursday of September

Depart from Ponta Delgada


The cost of inscription is 300 € per team.

The cost of the rent of the boat is 3.000 €.

The deadline for registration is thirty (30) days before the start of the event.

If the registration is received before April 30th 2017, then a 15% of the deposit will be paid.

The cost of the Hotel room, for 6 nights is:-Single Room€ 500€ – Double Single 600€

Every extra night is:- Single 65€ – Double 75€


1 escort in Single room 65€

2 escorts in double room 75€

Payment will made in full.

Include six nights including breakfast, welcome cocktail, cocktail at the end of each day fishing, two days tour including lunch and prize award ceremony.

Payment is made to:

Account 1003 3591 0005

IBAN PT50 0160 0100 0033 5910 0056 2


The seat of the Tournament is located in Clube Naval de Ponta Delgada:

More inf and entry forms:

Carlos Palhinha e-mail:

Sporting greetings

XXV Hemingway International Yacht Club of Cuba Anniversary Regatta

Dear Member of EFSA

It pleases me very much to greet you on behalf of the Hemingway International Yacht Club of Cuba and on my own, as well as to wish you and your family  Merry Christmas and Prosperous and Happy New Year.

I consider the occasion appropriated to inform you that next year this Cuban nautical institution, which is a bastion rescuing the history and Cuban nautical traditions and also a sanctuary of love and friendship among the members of the international nautical community and the lovers of the sea and recreational sailing, will be arriving to its 25th Anniversary, for this reason a wide schedule of nautical events and social activities will be celebrated. It would make us happy if you accept the invitation to participate in the Nautical Parade and in the XXV Hemingway International Yacht Club of Cuba Anniversary Regatta, on May 20th, and the party on May 21st, with which we end the celebrations.

Waiting for your answer, I take the opportunity to renew my greetings and express my sincere wishes of happy holidays and a new year with plenty of love, well being and prosperity.

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Commodore Escrich


EFSA Iceland Open 2017 

icelandOlafsvik • May 25th – 27th 2017

EFSA Iceland Open 2017 will be held Thursday 25th May to Saturday 27th May from Olafsvik, West-Iceland.
First two days of fishing for species and the third day fishing for big Cod and Coalfish. EFSA Iceland 2017 is open for all members of EFSA.
The venue will be fished to the EFSA rules and the point system used in the EFSA European Boat Championships from Olafsvik in May 2018.
Wednesday 24 May Registration 20:00 Registration.
Thursday 25 May Species 06:30 Assemble at Pier Olafsvik. 07:00 Boats depart for fishing grounds. 08:00 Lines down. 15:00 Lines up. 17:00
All boats must be in harbour. Friday 26 May Species 06:30 – 17:00 Same as Thursday. 19:00 Days results displayed. Saturday 27 May Cod (bigger fish) 06:30 Assemble at Pier Olafsvik. 07:00 Boats depart for fishing grounds. 08:00 Lines down. 14:00 Lines up. 16:00 All boats must be in harbour. 20:00
Presentation of awards. 21:00 Gala Dinner.

Entry fee €75 for each day of fishing. Bait included. Payment of entry fee at registration. A day´s entry fee will be return if a fishing day is cancelled due to bad weather.

Registration before April 19th 2017 by Thorir Sveinsson e-mail:, tel. +354 896 3157 or Helgi Bergsson e-mail:, tel. +354 867 3601.

EFSA Iceland.

Marcus Wüst
Kingston upon Thames

International Sportfishing Master Championship





The ISMC Organization is pleased to present the International Sportfishing Master Championship that will take place in one of the most famous fishing destination worldwide and we hope this dream become true for many of you. Tropic Star Lodge, our Championship’s Headquarter, considered the most exclusive lodge for Big Game fishing. A 360° paradise and not only for the unbelievable hot fishing but also for the spectacular Darien rainforest that meet the Pacific Ocean creating a unique vision.
Thanks to the courtesy of the owner’s Family Andrews, we will have our Championship’s week right close the most productive season and we hope to find some good Black & Blue Marlin swimming around this area from september to march but also nice tuna and huge dorado always abundant in this season.
Furthermore one day will be dedicated to the Panama Inshore Light Tackle Tournament a one day tournament targeting the big Roosterfish, Cubera Snapper, Grouper and Jack Crevalle that leaves in this paradise.
Thanks to Tropic Star Lodge sponsorship, entry fee will be compared to the official rates of the Lodge for 2017  season.
As is not easy to organize all transfer and flights connections, according with TSL Staff, we will have an all inclusive package. You will appreciate their excellent service and they will take care of you since your arrival in Panama’s Tocumen International Airport.
As all flights from Europe and USA arrive in the afternoon and the charter flight to Bahia Pina flights are only in the daytime, depending by the weather, is better to plane an overnight stay in Panama City both at arrival and departure.
If you plane to visit the country before or after the Championship you can contact the TSL Staff to organize a visit to the channel or a fantastic day of fishing at Lake Gatun, having fun fishing the local Peacock Bass called Sarmiento.
We strongly suggest the attendants to extend their stay after the Championship and enjoy another two days of fishing
in this paradise. We also strongly suggest all anglers to provide their own insurance to cover their trip.
I’m looking forward to see You all in Panama.

With kindest regards
Massimo Brogna -­‐‑ ISMC Organization

For more information about Tropic Star Lodge visit the official TSL web site

Time Zone: Panama is ‑ 5Hrs GMT

Weather: December is in the dry season, sunny with temperatures around 27° /30°. Don’t forget your sun protection.

Currency: The local currency is the Balboa which is pair with US dollars currently accepted everywhere. You will easily find everywhere in town AMT cash dispenser.

Telephone & Internet: The international area code for Panama is +507. Is not easy to call in Europe but there is WIFI connection throughout the lodge and in the rooms.

Tackle Shop & Marine Supplies: In Panama City is not easy to find good tackle shop. All boats at TSL have first class fishing tackle. No fishing tackle available to buy at the lodge. You are welcome to bring with you your own tackle along with your “secret weapons”to surprise the TSL experienced Captains & Mates.

Lunch Box: Included in your entry fee.

Fleet & Crews: The 15 customized, fully rigged , Bertram 31’ are powered by twin diesel engines and outfitted with GPS, VHF radio, Custom Tuna tubes and bait well. Captains and Mates are all local fishermen that have learned their fishing skills from the legendary past TSL Captains who are considered worldwide legendary and have guided anglers from all over the world to hundreds of world records.

Baggage Limitations: Each guest is allowed to bring One suitcase nt to exceed 30 lbs. (13.67 kg) and One carry ‑ on bag not to exceed 15 lbs. (6.8 kg). Excess pieces of luggage and excess weight will be charged at $ 1.50 per pound,
and will travel stand by. If you want to stay more in the country you can leave the other luggage at TSL Office.

Fishing season & fishes: TSL currently holds over 50 world records and over 250 World records have been broken in this waters. See the Species / Season guideline below.




Bahia Piña, PANAMA
December 2nd – 6th , 2017


December 1st, 2017 Friday Team Arrival in Panama City – Pick up from Airport and transfer by taxi to Hotels

December 2nd, 2017 Saturday
07.30 a.m. Pick up from Hotels and Transfer to Panama Albrook Domestic Airport
08.30 a.m. Start flights to Bahia Pina Int’l Airport and accomodation at TSL
04.00 p.m. Boat Draw and Briefing at “The Palace” TSL
06.00 p.m. Captains Briefing
07.00 p.m. Kick off party at TSL Restaurant

December 3rd, 2017 Sunday International Sportfishing Master Championship 1st day
06:30 a.m Assembly at the TSL Dock -­‐‑ embarkation
07:00 a.m. Start for bait fishing
08:30 a.m. Tight Lines
03.00 p.m. Lines out
05.00 p.m. Weight or measuring operation at TSL Dock
December 4th, 2017 Monday International Sportfishing Master Championship 2nd day
06:30 a.m Assembly at the TSL Dock -­‐‑ embarkation
07:00 a.m. Start for bait fishing
08:30 a.m. Tight Lines
03.00 p.m. Lines out
05.00 p.m. Weight or measuring operation at TSL Dock

December 5th, 2017 Tuesday Panama Inshore Light Tackle Tournament
06:30 a.m Assembly at the TSL Dock -­‐‑ embarkation
07:00 a.m. Tight Lines
03.00 p.m. Lines out
05.00 p.m. Weight or measuring operation at TSL Dock

December 6th, 2017 Wednesday International Sportfishing Master Championship 3rd day
06:30 a.m Assembly at the TSL Dock -­‐‑ embarkation
07:00 a.m. Start for bait fishing
08:30 a.m. Tight Lines
03.00 p.m. Lines out
05.00 p.m. Weight or measuring operation at TSL Dock
07,00 p.m. Award Ceremony and Gala Dinner at TSL

December 7th, 2017 Thursday
07:00 a.m. Transportation to Bahia Pina Int’l Airport
09.00 a.m. Start flights to Panama City and transportation to Hotels.

Angler can extend their stay for the week fishing 7th-­‐‑8th and depart on December 9th, 2017.


The ISMC Organization, and Tropic Star Lodge, Panama organizes the International Sportfishing Master Championship that will take place in Bahia Pina, Panam from December 2nd to 6th, 2017 At Tropic Sta Lodge that will be our Championship’s Headquarter. The Championship is an Offshore World Championship Qualifying Event that will take place in Quepos, Costa Rica, april 2018. ISMC Organization support the International Game Fish Association.
Benefit from contribution and part of the Entry Fee will be donated to IGFA to support their environmental program in Europe.
Please note this is an unofficial document. The official rules will be presented at the briefing.

Team Requirements: A team shall consist of three (3) or four anglers. Each registered angler will receive a Personal Angler’s Number. Individual anglers are allowed to fish only in a team of three of four anglers, when possible. Individual anglers, if so wishes, could indicate the preferred anglers with whom he likes to fish with.
Should the anglers not give any indication, if possible to arrange it, he will be assigned in a team in a random. All teams members can be replaced prior communication is given to the ISMC Organization.
Registered tournament charter boat’s captains or mates cannot be registered as tournament anglers. All teams must participate in the boat draw. Teams will fish on a different charter boat each day.
Due to limited accommodation and available boats, Tournament is open up to 12 teams. First come/first served.

Entry Fee & Payments: There is no additional entry fee on the official Tropic Star Lodge Rates 2017 published on the Official TSL website and reported on the attached Entry Form.

Entry Fee x person 5 nights 4 days fishing in a Team of 4 $ 3.875,00
Entry Fee x person 5 nights 4 days fishing in a Team of 3 $ 4.610,00
Entry Fee x person 7 nights 6 days fishing in a Team of 4 $ 4.825,00
Entry Fee x person 7 nights 6 days fishing in a Team of 3 $ 5.660,00

A deposit of USD 1.000,00 must be paid to the ISMC Organization within January 20th, 2017.
Full payment will be requested directly by the Tropic Star Lodge and must be paid within March 31st, 2017.

Refund Condition: As our package includes some special condition for the ISMC Tournament we have to confirm our participation and pay the rates within March 31st, 2017. TSL refund conditions will apply with no refund after the deadline.
We strongly suggest all participants to provide for their own insurance to cover the trip.

ISMC Committee: The ISMC Committee, head lined by Tournament Director, has right to investigate about any question regarding the Tournament and will decide about any protest, penalties, disqualification, rules breaking, security problems and any further arising problems occurring during the Tournament.
Any team or angler, who deliberately breaks the above mentioned rules or refuse to allow the ISMC Committee to examine any tackle, line and/or leaders, will immediately be disqualified and expelled from the tournaments without any refund, including the Registration fees. ISMC Committee reserves the privilege of changing the program, rules, starting and finishing times or cancel the tournament for any reason it deems necessary.

Briefing & Boat Draw: The boat draw to determine the boat line for the four days will be held prior the Tournament’s briefing and boat draw will be held from 04.00 p.m. to 06.00 p.m. Saturday, December 2nd, 2017 at “The Palace”. All teams must participate in the boat draw. It is mandatory that one member of the fishing team and any individual angler must be present at the briefing and the boat draw. If they do not attend, they accept and agree to be bound by all instructions and/or rule changes made orally or in writing during that meeting.

Fishing Area’s boundaries: The boundaries of the fishing area will be the Pacific Ocean for 50 miles around the Bahia Pina Harbour.

Teams Registration and Camera Check-­in: All registered participants must check-‑in at the Registration Check in Desk to receive their credential, angler’s bag and register their video cameras. The Registration Check-­in Desk, will be located at “The Palace” from 03.00 p.m. until 04.00 p.m. on Saturday, December 2nd, 2017. Any team failing to check-­in, must inform ISMC Committee prior to the registration date.

Fishing Rules: IGFA Rules (copy will be attached to the rules) will apply unless otherwise stated with one exception (See catch & release rules for scoring points). Only fish caught on rod and reel will earn points.
It is responsibility of each team and each individual angler to know, understand and abide IGFA Rules and to check boat’s equipment, tackle, leaders, hook arrangements and line prior the start of fishing and be sure everything is working well and respect IGFA Rules.
All teams will be embarked and disembarked at the Tropic Star Lodge’s Dock.
Boats must depart from the designated starting point in front of TSL Dock.
The start and stop signal will be announced on the radio. Fishing until Tournament Director declare “lines in” on the radio is not permitted. Fishing for bait is permitted only during tournament fishing hours.
In the event a fish is still hooked up at the call of Lines out, anglers may keep fighting fish for another 60 minutes.
Tournament Director must be notified when a team is hooked up or the fish will be disqualified. No exception.
In the event a boat is disabled, a replacement boat will be rotated in for that day, but will not be possible to make up for lost time. In case of a boat failure, the ISMC Committee will try to replace it as soon as possible, if available, but the time lost will not be regained and no extra time will be assigned.
After any catch, team must fill up the Catch Report Form with catch number, time of catch/release, species, angler’s name and number. Catch Report, signed by the team’s captain and the boat’s captain must be handover to the Tournament Director at the end of any fishing day, whether or not a fish was caught. No form, no points!
Anglers must handover the leader, line and double line for each caught fish must be handover to the Tournament Director for verification.
All teams must turn in their Catch Report Form, video and weighed/measured fish no later than 08:00 p.m. each day or catches will be disqualified. The only exception is if the boat has mechanical difficulties.
The Tournament Director holds the right to examine any tackle, hooks, line and/or leaders anytime during the event, to investigate and act upon any incident occurring during the tournament. It shall have the right to disqualify any capture following examination and measurement of tackle and equipment used on the boat.
If any portion of the Tournament is fished and a team land or release fish that match the tournament’s eligible species and minimum weight or size limits, then prizes will be awarded.

Catch & Release Rules and Video: All teams must provide their own video camera(s) with memory card in order to download the footage and photos to verify their catches and releases. All video recording equipment must be synchronized to the official tournament time. Teams must video their boat an team number each day before departing to go fishing. In case the camera is not displaying the time ,team must be film catch number and time after any catch/release.
To score an official release or a measured fish, the video footage must include the charter boat and sufficient continuous footage to (1) clearly identify the species; (2) show clearly a team member or crew touching the leader while the fish is still hooked and the angler; (3) identify the time and date of the catch; and (4) show correctly the exact length of the fish on the IGFA Measuring Device (5) show the catch or the full release of the fish. The video must be continuous, with no breaks in recording, and identify all of these elements. Do not delete any video taken during the tournament’s fishing hours, even if it does not include the above elements and will not be used to prove a catch or catch will be disqualified. If for any reason is not possible to clearly identify the above prevision, the fish or the length of the fish, points will not be awarded. If is not possible to identify a billfish, team will be awarded with the score for a released Sailfish or Spearfish. By signing their entry form, all anglers gives to ISMC Organization the right to use all video footage and photos received from participating anglers for promotional and press issues.

Communications: All hook up, releases, lost and boated fishes are to be reported to the Tournament Director along with the assigned team number, angler’s number and name, boat’s position GPS coordinates and fish species (when possible) or catch will be disqualified. All reported hook up will receive a catch number or time of hook up from Tournament Director. All reported release/boated fish will receive time of catch/release and catch number from Tournament Director.
If a tournament boat is not able for any reason to communicate to the Radio Control Operator, any of the above events must be relayed via radio or cell phone or in any manner to another boat or Dock Master. Catch/release
number and time will be assigned at the time the event is reported to the Tournament Director, even for earlier catch. No exception. Refusal intentionally to communicate any event to the Tournament Director, will result in disqualification for the day. Radio Control’s time will act as the official time for the start, catch, release or boated fish, end of fishing each day without exception. The official tournament VHS Channel will be communicated at the briefing.
All informations about the INTERNATIONAL SPORTFISHING MASTER CHAMPIONSHIP 2017 will be displayed at the Headquarter located at Tropic Star Lodge Resort– Bahia Pina – Panama.

Observers/Photographers: ISMC Committee, at its sole discretion, may assign an observer or photographer/cameraman or guests to any boat on any fishing day. If an observer, photographer or guest is assigned, the boat is responsible for their comfort and safety. Observers do not determine official catch or release.
Line Class: any line up to 80 pounds test is allowed.

Leaders: According with IGFA Rules.
Rods: Unlimited in use or numbers according with IGFA Rules. Each boat will be equipped at least with 1(one) 80 lbs, 2 (two) 50 lbs and 3 (three) 20 lbs tackle.
Hooks: Only non-­‐‑offset circle hooks are allowed for all species whenever live or un-­‐‑skirted natural bait is used. Lures may be rigged with conventional hooks.
Teasers & Dredges: Unlimited in use or numbers.
Baits & Lures: Live and dead baits, lures and any combination thereof are permitted in this tournament. Dead bait cannot be purchased. Teams will be allowed to fish live baits only during the fishing hours of each day of fishing. Live or dead bait may not be passed between boats. Live baits of the day cannot be used in the following fishing days.
Scoring Points: The ISMC is a total billfish release tournament: Any blue marlin, black marlin, striped marlin, sailfish, spearfish or swordfish must be released according with tournament rules and shall be awarded the following points:

Blue and Black Marlin or Swordfish earn ——> 500 points per release
Striped Marlin earn ——> 200 points per release
Sailfish and Spearfish earn ——> 100 points per release

If a billfish is dead or nearly dead when landed and there is no chance for survival, at sole discretion of the boat’s Captain, the fish can be boated and the team receives points as a released fish.
If an angler catches a potential billfish world-­‐‑record, at sole discretion of the boat’s Captain, that fish may be boated.
If it is heavy enough to be considered for a world record or if, however, the fish is not heavy enough to be considered for a world record with a tolerance of a 10% of the existing record’s weight, the same points will be awarded as for released fish. If the fish weighs less than 10% of the existing record weight, the fish will be disqualified and same release negative points will be assigned to the team.

Weighed Game Fish: All fishes, must be measured on the IGFA Official Measurement Device.
In agreement with all State’s laws, points for the following 3 (three) species will be awarded on the basis set below, with a minimum length of 100 centimetres.

Awarding Points:

Fish measuring from 100 to 119 centimeter: 10 points
Fish measuring from 120 to 149 centimeter: 40 points
Fish measuring 150 centimeter or more: 100 points


Bluefin Tuna (Thunnus Thynnus, Tunnus maccoyi), Yellowfin Tuna (Thunnus albacares), Bigeye Tuna (Thunnus obesus), Skipjack Tuna (Katsuwonis pelamis), Albacore (Thunnus alalunga), Dogtooth Tuna (Gymnosarda unicolor), Longtail Tuna (Thunnus Tonggol), Little Tunny (Euthynnus Alletteratus), Blackfin Tuna (Thunnus Atlanticus).


Wahoo, (Acantocybium solandri), Mackerel King (Scomberomorus cavalla), Mackerel Narrowbarred (Scombe ‑ romorus commerson)


Dolphin fish (Coryphaena hippurus)

In case of tie, team or angler who released or boated the last fish first, will be declared the winner.

Panama Inshore Light Tackle Tournament: No fishes under 75 cm or any kind of billfish will be awarded for points. All fishes, must be measured on the IGFA Official Measurement Device. Line Class admitted 20 lbs. In agreement with all State’s laws, any fish from 75 cm and over will be awarded with the following pointas:

Fish measuring
from 75 to 99 centimeter: 10 points
from 100 to 119 centimeter: 40 points
from 120 to 139 centimeter 70 points
from 140 and more 100 points

All Roosterfish must be released after the video or photo is taken.

In case of tie, team or angler who released or boated the last fish first, will be declared the winner.

Protests: All protests must be stated in writing using the Protest Form and accompanied by $ 200,00 fee. All protests will be settled on the day of the incident. All protests must be in the hands of the Tournament Director by 08:00 p.m. on the day of the alleged incident, unless there is a protest regarding a fish that comes to the scales later.
The protesting party, as well as the accused team members, captain and crew, must be present in any official protest hearing. If the accused or protesting teams or angler fail to show up for the protest hearing, they forfeit their right to be heard and agree to abide by the decision made by the ISMC Committee. If protest up hold, teams will receive back the $ 200,00 fee. All decisions are final and not subject to appeal.

Boats: Tipping of Captains and Mates is expected and is responsibility of the team. Suggested boat daily tips is USD 200,00 and should be handed directly to the boat Captain.
Hotel and Restaurant: Tipically, gratuities for the crew ( 8 / 12 persons) is USD 150,00 for the entire week and should be handed directly to the hotel manager or can be added on the hotel extras invoice.

Award List: The complete list of the award will be presented at the briefing, right before the Tournament.
In case there are no valid catches or the tournament is cancelled, awards will not be assigned.

Disclaimer: All registered anglers enter and participate in the International Sportfishing Master Challenge voluntarily and at their own risk. In consideration for the ISMC Committee acceptance of his or her entry, each registered angler, for his or her, executors, and administrators, agrees to release, hold harmless and indemnify the ISMC Committee, the officers, managers, directors, agents sponsors, donors and all other persons connected directly or indirectly with the operation of ISMC Tournament from and against any and all liabilities, claims, actions, damages, costs, fees or expenses which he/she may have against any above-­‐‑described party arising out or in any way connected with his/her participation in the International Sportfishing Master Challenge, including any injury or death suffered by any registered angler.
Each registered angler and participant understands and assumes full responsibility agreeing and releasing, and waiving any claims for liability, slander and negligence.

Click here to download TEAM INFORMATION FORM

Click here to download ENTRY FORM

EFSA Iceland Open Shore Championship 2016 results

Iceland-Flag-MapEFSA Iceland Open Shore Championship 2016 part three of three was held Saturday 13th August and Sunday 14st August from Snæfellsnes, West-Iceland with five anglers. The Championship was fished by EFSA rules, five hours of fishing each day and three hooks allowed. Total cach was 88 fish mostly Flounder but also Dab, Cod and Coalfish. Results: Helgi Bergsson in the first place with 8 points, 27 fish, Reynir Halldorsson in the second place with 7 points, 20 fish and Paul Fawcett in the third place with 5 points, 18 fish. The biggest fish was a Cod of 57 cm, angler Helgi Bergsson. Reynir Halldorsson fished the biggest flatfish a Flounder of 41 cm.
Total result in the three parts (six days of fishing) in EFSA Iceland Open Shore Championship 2016: Helgi Bergsson in the first place with 30 points and 250 fish. Steve Mason in the second place with 27 points and 228 fish. Reynir Halldorsson in the third place with 19 points and 167 fish.

Helgi Bergsson

EFSA Iceland Shore


EFSA Iceland Open Shore Championship 2016 part two of three was held Saturday 30th July from Akureyri, North-Iceland and Sunday 31st July from Hjalteyri, near Akureyri with seven anglers. The Championship was fished by EFSA rules, five hours of fishing each day and three hooks allowed. Total cach was 426 fish mostly Dab but also Cod, Plaice, Rough Dab, Halibut, Catfish and Scorpion fish. Results: Steve Mason in the first place with 13 points, 121 fish, Helgi Bergsson in the second place with 13 points, 103 fish and Paul Fawcett in the third place with 9 points, 57 fish. The biggest fish was a Catfish of 62 cm, angler Skarphedinn Asbjornsson. Helgi Bergsson fished the biggest flatfish a Halibut of 57 cm. EFSA Iceland‘s last Shore Championship this summer will be held from Snæfellsnes, West Iceland in late August or early September.

Helgi Bergsson

Invitation EFSA Karmøy 2/3 sept


invitation to
EFSA Norwegian Shore and Boat on Karmøy 2016

Shore 2th September 2016:
Attendance at 17.00 hrs.
Fishing starts at 18.00 hrs.
Fishing ends at 21.00 hrs.
Back on hotel by 22.00 hrs.
Shore 2th September 2016:
Attendance at 17.00 hrs.
Fishing starts at 18.00 hrs.
Fishing ends at 21.00 hrs.
Back on hotel by 22.00 hrs.

Prize presentation in the port or at the hotel at approx. 18.00 hrs. Saturday

EFSA gold, silver and bronze fish to 1., 2. and 3. place both days
EFSA trophy both days and own trophy to overall winner
Prizes(gear) to best pairs of two(random)
Prizes(gear) to lagest fishes
Prize(gear) to best boat skipper(with winner onboard)

Happy EFSA-anglers from the
competition on Karmøy in September 2015
A total of 19 different species was landed during 5 hours in September 2015


The competition will be fished to EFSA rules, catch and release. Point scoring system will be enlightened in good time, and also by fishing captain on board.
Fishing area depends on weather and updated information will be sent to all participants a week before
the competition

Entry Friday is NOK 150,00
Entry Saturday is NOK 750,00
Junior is 50% entry
Bank account: 3330 270 3324
adr.: EFSA Norge, Liarfjell 61
4250 Kopervik, Norway
IBAN no. NO5433302703324

Preferred accommodation:
Park Inn by Radisson Haugesund Airport
(six double rooms are pre-ordered)

Information contact:
Geir Solland(chairman EFSA Norway):
+47 402 45 305
Geir Tveit(chairman Nordvegen HK)
+47 908 36 079

EFSA Norwegian Shore and Boat on Karmøy 2016 is hosted by Nordvegen Havfiskeklubb, Karmøy



EFSA Belgium and EFSA Portugal

Friendship game efsa Portugal & Belgie te albufeira.