EFSA Official Meeting

Standing Committee Meeting  Gatwick March 2015

The meeting was attended by delegates from 12 sections.

The following matters were covered:

A full report was made on progress on the appointment of a P.R.O., as well as updates on social networking and the development of the new website, which it was hoped would go live in early June.

The Fish Recorder reported on 5 new records, with a further one refused due to the member’s section failing to process the claim within the time limit. Members were reminded that claims may be sent direct to the Fish Recorder.

Updates were given on the forthcoming Game Championships in Florida, and planned venues for 2016 and 2017.

Arrangements for the 2015 Boat, Line Class, Species and Shore events were detailed.

The following nominations had been received for the forthcoming A.G.M.:
Championship Officer Boat – Joe Connolly, Scotland
P.R.O. – Matthieu Amato, Italy
For the 2016 A.G.M.:
Kim Bowden, England has been nominated as Treasurer, to shadow the existing Treasurer until that time.
Andy Smith, England and Skarpheddin Asbjornsson, Iceland have been nominated for Fish Recorder.

The following future events were confirmed :
Boat & Line Class Championship 2017 Malloy, Norway
Species Championship 2016 Weymouth, England – Conger
Shore Championships 2017 Netherlands
Shore 2018 Italy (provisional)
Boat & Line Class 2018 Husavik or Olafsvik, Iceland
Game 2018 Nova Scotia

The next Meeting will take place on August 1st in Stromness, Orkney.


Annual General Meeting 2014

The meeting covered the following items:
Chairman’s Report
Approval of minutes of last A.G.M.
Approval of 2013 Accounts
Re-election of Secretary and Honorary Solicitor
Approval of amendment to Constitution clause 15.4

The next A.G.M. will be in Orkney on the 1st August 2015