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EFSA European Boat & Line Class Championships, Cobh/Cork, IRELAND, 17th — 25th September 2021

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EFSA European Boat and Line Class Championships, Weymouth, ENGLAND, 9th – 13th September 2019

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Boat 2 Man Team

Boat 4 Man Team

Boat 4 Man Drawn Team

Boat Individual

Boat Lady

Boat National Teams

Boat Senior

Line 2 Man Team

Line 4 Man T eam

Line Individual

Line Lady

Line Senior

Best fish




EFSA European Boat Championships Olafsvik, ICELAND, 28th May – 1st June 2018

Olafsvik 2018 – The boat draw

The boat draw for the European Boat Championship to be held from Olafsvik, Iceland 28th May to 1st June 2018 is done and the list has been sent out to your Section´s secretary. 138 anglers will be fishing on 30 boats, 12 four man boats and 18 five man boats. We will go out from two harbours, Olafsvik and Rif which is about 6 km. from Olafsvik

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EFSA European Boat Championship RESULTS

Olafsvík 2018 Individual Results
Olafsvik 2018 National Teams Results
Olafsvik 2018 Ladies Results
Olafsvik 2018 Life Members Results
Olafsvik 2018 Seniors Results
Olafsvik 2018 Two Man Teams Results
Olafsvik 2018 Four Man Teams Results
Olafsvík 2018 Biggest Fish Results

Måløy 2017

European Boat Championships – 28th July – 06th August 2017
Måløy, Norway

Download the results:

Results Boat 2017 Executive team
Results Boat 2017 Individuals
Results Boat 2017 Junior
Results Boat 2017 Ladies
Results Boat 2017 Large fish
Results Boat 2017 Life members
Results Boat 2017 National teams
Results Boat 2017 Open team of four
Results Boat 2017 Open team of two
Results Boat 2017 Senior
EFSA Trophy Winners Måløy 2017

European Boat Championships 2017 – Måløy, Norway 28th July – 06 August 2017

Schneider1Dear EFSA Family
Our love of fishing brings us to many scenic parts of the world and now we are truly in one of the most spectacular locations in Europe to enjoy the warm hospitality and friendship that our Norwegian hosts are famous for.
So, welcome everyone to MALOY here on the sout eastern side of VAGSOY island in beautiful Norway.
Maloy is the administrative centre of the municipality of Vagsoy in Sogn og Fjordane county and was granted TOWN status as recently as 1997. Every day we will see the Maloy Bridge which connects the town to the village of
Degnepoll on the mainland.
MALOY was originally founded as a trading centre on the small Island of Maloya, in the Ulvesundet strait between Vagsoy Island and the mainland. As trade flourished, the town gradually moved to the larger Island of Vagsoy and
became one of the most important fishing ports and fishing Centres in the region.
Norway has hunting and fishing traditions dating back thousands of years.
Nature has been kind to Norway, giving it a coastline extending to a length of more than 83.000 Km, including a multitude of Islands.
Many different species of Fish and Shellfish inhabit Norway’s coastal waters and with such an abundance of variety it is NO surprise that local Restaurants specialise in fish. The KRAFTSTASJONEN Restaurant, near the Tourist
Centre, for example is famous for its’ “Fish of the day“ menu. Try it and you are assured of a special treat.
Amongst the many species to be found and of interest to us Anglers are COD, including the Extra-Premium wild “SKREI“ which is Norwegian Cod in its prime, and regarded as “a True wonder of Nature“ and a culinary delicacy unlike any other. The word “Skrei“ comes from the old Norse language for “Wanderer“ which is a very fitting description of our EFSA FAMILY, as we travel the world in search of new fishing adventure and the opportunity to meet new friends and discover new places. I hope I can make your mouth water with this description.
Although we are here in Norway, Maloy, which is at Latitude 61,5 degrees North, is twinned with Lerwick, just 180 miles directly west of us on Latitude 60,8 degrees in the Shetlands. Twinning different towns was always intended
to foster friendship and understanding between different cultures and to promote cultural and commercial ties, as well as forming strategic international business links between member cities.
We are here as part of that fine intension of forging and re-affirming “ Good Relations “ between us all. We, the EFSA family, are here in the spirit of friendship and brotherhood and we look forward to enjoying the hospitality of our
hosts and experiencing the fine fishing in such wonderful surroundings.
I wish all of you great success in every sense of the word in our Angling Festival.

Your President/Chairman

Horst Schneider

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Results Boat 2017 Executive team
Results Boat 2017 Individuals
Results Boat 2017 Junior
Results Boat 2017 Ladies
Results Boat 2017 Large fish
Results Boat 2017 Life members
Results Boat 2017 National teams
Results Boat 2017 Open team of four
Results Boat 2017 Open team of two
Results Boat 2017 Senior

Cobh 2016

European Boat & Line Class Championships – 16th – 23rd September 2016
Cobh, Co. Cork, Ireland

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Memories from 2008


Stromness 2015




Hosted by EFSA Scotland

Weymouth 2014

Sunday the 7th September and the Championship was formerly opened at the HQ hotel, the Rivera Hotel in Weymouth, and the EFSA flag was raised on the flagpole outside the hotel where it proudly fluttered in the variable wind through the week.

Denmark 2013

We had a good Championship week with the sun shining every day except Thursday and there were plenty of fish; in all more than 20.000 fish were caught & released.

Tanger 2012

95 competitors from 13 sections came to Tananger to participate in the 50th anniversary Championships of EFSA. It was Tananger and Stavanger Deep Sea Fishing Club that was the host in 1962 and it was SDSFC that had the pleasure to welcome the 50th European Championships in 2012.