Barbarians A Team surprise all in Miami

Barbarians A Team surprise all in Miami

Barbarians A Team surprise all in Miami, FL  winning  the Game Championship 2015

Team Barbarians A with Joachim Josch (Germany), Antonio Montefusco (Switzerland), Mike Riley (South Africa) and Ria Van Ranst (Belgium) won the 2015 edition of the EFSA Game Championship after a fatal error of Gibraltar B Team during the last catch . In fact, while Charlie Carreras was fighting the last fish for a deserved victory , another member of the team have touched the rod and the fish has been disqualified.
The two teams finished tie at 1350 point and the Barbarians A won having their last catch first ( one hour before).
The day have started very slow with a flat sea and slow current mantaining clear water far from the shore.
After two hours only three fishes were caught when Miss Britt Captain Jason Cartwright decide to go more offshore looking for Dolphins and at 10.32 Gibraltar C Team start his best day with a multiple strike of four dolphins.

Many other teams have follows them and several Dolphin were caught during the day by Gibraltar A on Double D and Barbarians A on L & H.
Italy C, leading the second day tie with Gibraltar B, had no luck on board of Hot Shot after a nice kingfish caught in the morning.
Gibraltar B on board of Thomas Flyier decide to go searching for Dolphin too and after a kingfish caught in the morning they have started to push hard to win . Around midday the team finally find the Dolphins and start to make up with a final rush where Lee Torres had a valid Little Tunny and the final one caught by C. Carreras.
Right after arriving at the dock, the cold shower. At first sight it seems not relevant but late in the afternoon it became a nightmare for Gibraltar B Team.
Antonio Montefusco of Barbarians A won again the Individual angler title followed by Daniele Tarroni (Italy C) and John Gonzalez (Gibraltar C).
Top captain was Dean Panos on Double D while Jason Cartwright on Miss Britt overtake in hte last day Blue Yonder s Captain Nick Gonzalez.
Gibraltar B lead in the National Section Standing, followed by Italy C and Italy B.

For more information visit the Game Championship pages here.


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