New potential records for cod on light line

New potential records for cod on light line

Oleg’s 28,95 kg cod

On March 22nd and 25th EFSA Russia angler Oleg Bartenev has caught 2 potential

Oleg’s 27,9 kg cod

new European record cods (27,9 kg and 28,95 kg) in Norway (Sørøya island, Hasvik) using ANDE Tournament monofilament line with 20 lb (9,1 kg) and 16 lb (7,3 kg) breaking strength respectively. The record applications along with the line samples

were sent to EFSA HQs for testing and new records verification. The 20 lb line record fish exceeds the current European record established in 1984 by 4,5 kg while the 16 lb line record fish is almost 8 kg heavier than the previous record from 2016. If these two records are approved by EFSA HQs, Oleg Bartenev will hold 3 line European Boat records for cod including his last year massive 26 kg cod caught on 8 lb (3,6 kg) line. Congratulations to Oleg for his excellent achievement and top angling skills along with full credit going to ANDE for producing very high quality and reliability lines!

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