Results – Fun Fish (Flounder) 2016

Results – Fun Fish (Flounder) 2016

Fun-fish flounder 17th Jan 2016

Following the AGM Mark Smith, Ash Currier and I ventured off to Hamworthy to look for a suitable shore venue for the Sunday, the sun was shining and with very little wind there was hardly a ripple on the water. Ash started off with a good sized flounder on his 1st cast he soon added another, we had a little over 2 ½ hours fishing and managed to land 8 flounder between us (well Ash and me, Mark appeared to be saving himself for the following day) Rob Quinn and Graham Lewis decided to head to holes bay as there had been reports of a few large flounder coming from this area, they didn’t manage to find one but a local rod did find a decent size one of around 2 ¼ lb.

I headed to the same mark that we had found on the Saturday afternoon, what a difference a day makes! Coloured water, wind in your face, overcast and a choppy sea, hopefully the flounder that were here yesterday remained today. I spent 2 hours without a bite, perhaps this venue fishes better on the ebb rather than the flood. After 2 fruitless hours my rod slammed over with a take that was obviously not a flounder, as I was only fishing in 2ft of water the fish surfaced almost immediately a nice bass of around 2lb, a local angler stated “that’s a keeper” my reply was to inform him that it is illegal to take bass at present not that I would kill such a juvenile bass even if it wasn’t illegal, his response was “who would know” well me for a start! After a quick move to find a bit of tide I did manage to find one flounder. The majority of the shore anglers headed for either Whitecliff or the Lagoon, out of the 11 shore anglers only 4 weighed in with Reg Clough beaching 5 for a respectable 2.33kg

1st Reg Clough 5 fish = 2.33kg
2nd Alan Jones 3 fish = 1.9kg
3rd Jerry Knight 1 fish = .87kg
4th Martin Bobbett 1 fish = .55kg

The crew on Our Gemma managed to persuade the skipper (Mervyn Mimms) to go into really shallow water where they spent the first hour parked on the mud catching nothing, However when the boat re-floated fish came in regularly throughout the day, at lines up 32 flounder were landed. Both Richard Wheeler and Tony Sherwood ended up with seven fish a piece. Richard Wheeler won the competition pipping Tony by a mere .01 of a kilo.

Overall results
1 Richard Wheeler 3.69kg 7 fish
2 Tony Sherwood 3.68kg 7 fish
3 Mark Smith 3.37kg 6 fish
4 Rolf Marschalek 2.88kg 6 fish
5 Matt Osborne 2.68kg 5 fish
6 Reg Clough 2.33kg 5 fish (S)
7 Andy Smith 2.14kg 4 fish
8 Marcus Wuest 2.09kg 4 fish
9 Richard Russell 1.97kg 3 fish
10 Bryn Lavis/Allan Jones (S) 1.9kg 4 fish and 3 fish
12 Cliff Newbold 1.82kg 4 fish
13 Jim Henderson 1.44kg 3 fish
14 Mike Smith 1.42kg 3 fish
15 Neil Cottington 1kg 2 fish
16 Uwe Brown .98kg 1 fish
17 Gary Galbraith .92kg 2 fish
18 Jerry Knight (S) .87kg 1 fish
19 Martin Bobbett(S) .55kg 1 fish
20 Peter Neale .51kg 1 fish
21 Cliff Williams .42kg 1 fish

Heaviest Fish
1 Richard Russell 1.03kg
2 Uwe Brown 0.98kg
3 Jerry Knight 0.87kg

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