Visiting Italcanna

Visiting Italcanna

It was fantastic for me to travel to Italy for the EFSA European Shore Fishing championships hosted by EFSA Italy on Sardinia. Not only could I fish in Sardinia for the first time in my life but I also took the opportunity to ride my motorbike around this beautiful island.

I have come away from there with great memories. Not so much the fishing itself for me personally but returning some day at a different time of the year sounds extremely promising.

My trip did not end there, though. Next stop was near Lucca to visit Italcanna. This was again a first for me. Italcanna have been a proud sponsor of EFSA for many years. Everyone who has ever seen EFSA’s yearbooks will know their full page adverts on the back.

After travelling across an incredible scenery in Italy I arrived in Segromigno in Monte at the foot of a mountain range.

There I met with the D’Olivo family namely Carlo, Gian Marco and Giovanni Battista.

I could not have possibly been welcomed any friendlier.

After discussing some ideas for further collaboration (watch this space!) Giovanni Battista gave me a tour of the surrounding area – including showing me his collection of motorcycles. This also included a Harley Davidson.

After that they showed me their production facility. Italcanna produce all their fishing rods from scratch in Italy. It is very rare this days and re-assuring that there is no China dependency here. All is top quality and some of the game fishing rods proudly feature the EFSA logo. Just recently Italcanna won the Long Casting World Championship 2022

in both the men’s and women’s categories, this further proof of the quality of their products.

The day finished with a dinner during which Giovanni Battista and I solved all the world’s problems over a typical Italian meal.

As president of EFSA I cannot be more proud than having our association supported by Italcanna and the committed D’Olivo family.

Marcus Wuest

President EFSA

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