The Constitution


The Constitution.


The Articles of the Constitution of The European Federation of Sea Anglers (EFSA) as laid out below may only be amended or added to at a properly convened meeting and passed by a two thirds majority of those present in person or by proxy andentitled to vote.

Articles of The Constitution

1. TITLE. The name of the Federation is the European Federation of Sea Anglers, and it shall be referred to hereafter as the Federationor E.F.S.A.
The objects of the Federation are:
2.1 To promote the sport of Sea Angling with rod and line and to co-operate with similar bodies where and when appropriate.
2.2 To encourage the study of fish for the sake of whatever pleasure, information, conservation or other benefit it may provide.
2.3 To establish and maintain standards of ethics for the Sport of Sea Angling, and to agree rules governing the Sport in Europe, especially in Championships, Festivals and Competitions of all kinds.
2.4 To provide information, as appropriate, to interested persons or organisations.
2.5 To establish and maintain a duly attested list of European Sea Fish Records under the appropriate headings of (A) Line Classification, (B) All Tackle, (C) Shore, (D) Fly, such records being open to all anglers.
2.6 To encourage the keeping of National Sea Fish Records by all Members on the same basis.
2.7 To keep a watching brief on all commercial fishing interests in European waters and take appropriate action when and where necessary, either directly or in concert with other interested organisation(s).
The Federation shall have no restrictions or limitations based on race, colour, sex, age, disability, or creed, nor shall it have any local, national, or international political affiliations.
Membership of the Federation shall be open to and consist of the following:
4.1 National Sections, duly constituted in accordance with clause 14 below, of countries in the continent of Europe, defined by longitude 3Oº W to 65º E and latitude 23.5º N to 8Oº N and including Greenland.
4.2 Affiliated Member – A recognised Sea Angling Organisation outside Europe or a Scientific/Marine Organisation in or outside Europeor other recognised angling organisation as approved by Standing Committee.
4.3 Honorary Life Members of the Federation (as opposed to Hon. Life Member/s of Sections) may only be nominated and elected at the A.G.M. for outstanding services to The Federation.
4.4 Individual Members – Headquarters. An individual resident in a European Country where no EFSA Section exists, or in a country outside of Europe may become a member of Headquarters, such membership conferring the same rights as those of a member of a Section, but without voting rights.
Associated Member – An Individual Member of an Affiliated Member. Such membership gives no individual rights of the Federation.
The government of the Federation shall be vested in the Standing Committee, which shall consist of:
6.1 The Executive Officers (The Executive).
6.2 Delegate(s) from each Member Section.
I. The Chairman.
II. The Vice-Chairman(optional).
III. The General Secretary.
IV. The Treasurer.
V. The Fisheries Officer
VI. The Championship and Festival Officer, Boat.
VII. The Championship and Festival Officer, Shore.
VIII. The Championship and Festival Officer, Game.
IX. The Supplies Officer.

X. The Public Relations Officer.
Other Officers as from time to time deemed necessary by the Standing Committee. Any of the above offices may be left vacant if deemed appropriate by the Standing Committee.
7.1 The Chairman shall not hold any office in a Member Section with voting powers and on election as Chairman shall relinquish such office, if held.

7.2 The Chairman, or if absent the Vice-chairman, shall preside at all General Meetings and Standing Committee Meetings. In the event of both the aforementioned Officers being absent, the Meeting shall elect a Chairman for that meeting from one of the Executive Officers present.
7.3 Executive officers may appoint their own assistant for the period that they hold office, and such assistant shall be an individual member of a Member Section, unless otherwise approved by Standing Committee.
7.4 Executive Officers shall not hold office in any other International Sea Angling Body. On election to the Executive, they shall immediately relinquish such office.
8. Patron(s). The Federation at Annual General Meeting may nominate a Patron or Patrons, such nominee(s) need not be a member(s) of theFederation.
9.1.Each member shall appoint Delegate(s) to Standing Committee and notify the Federation in writing. Members with 10 or more fully paid up members may nominate 2 delegates. Members with less than 10 fully paid up members may nominate 1 delegate.
9.2 A Member whose Delegate(s) is/are unable to attend a Standing Committee meeting may appoint a proxy to attend and vote, provided such proxy is in writing and shall have been received by the Federation prior to the meeting.
9.3 Any Officer, may be appointed by a Member as its Delegate to Standing Committee with the voting powers of a Delegate in addition to those as an Executive Officer.
10.1 Meetings of Standing Committee shall be called at the discretion of the Chairman and not less than four weeks’ notice shall be given to all those entitled to attend.
10.2 The Quorum shall be not less than one third of the Member Sections, present by Delegate in person or by proxy.
10.3 The Patron(s) shall be entitled to attend and speak but not vote at Standing Committee.
10.4 The official language of the Federation is English.
10.5 The Constitution of the Federation shall not be negated if any of the Executive Offices is/are temporarily vacant.
10.6 Voting powers at Standing Committee are: Executive Officers : One vote each
Member Sections : One vote per Delegate present in person or by proxy. (Maximum two).
11.1 The Executive and Standing Committee shall represent and have the power to act for and on behalf of the Federation in all matters and for all purposes (provided it is not contrary to this Constitution or elsewhere provided for) and inter alia.
11.2 Collect, manage and expend the finances of the Federation and vouch all accounts in respect thereof.
11.3 Do anything that they believe to be in the best interests of the Federation and furtherance of its objects.
11.4 Draw up and publish rules and byelaws regulating the actions of the Federation and the conduct of all its Members. Such rules shall be subject to confirmation by the next meeting of the Standing Committee and shall be shown on the agenda. These rules as confirmed, will be subject to ratification at the next Annual General Meeting.
11.5 Suspend any Member Section, or Individual Member(s) thereof, on reasonable grounds, pending confirmation at the next meeting of the Standing Committee which is empowered to take any action it deems necessary. The Section or Member(s) concerned, or a representative thereof may appeal in writing and attend the next A.G.M. where notice has been given that the appeal will be heard but shall retire while the meeting is making its decision. The decision is final.
11.6 To appoint Sub-committees to investigate, advise or report, as Standing Committee shall direct. There shall not be less than three members of Standing Committee on each Sub-committee and they shall have power at their unanimous discretion to co-opt additional members, who need not be members of the Federation. The Chairman of the Federation shall be ex-officio a member of every sub-committee.
11.7 Maintain a procedural guide for the conduct of the Executive and Standing Committee, outlining the duties of the individual officers.
11.8 Minutes of all Standing Committee and General Meetings will be taken and read, or taken as read, and confirmed at the next meeting.
12.1 Executive Officers shall be elected for a three year term and are eligible for re-election. They shall hold that office from the conclusion of the Annual General Meeting.
12.2 The Chairman, Gen. Secretary and the Treasurer shall vacate office in rotation, thus leaving two Officers of some experience within the Federation.
12.3 Nominations for the Executive must be submitted in writing by the Secretary of a Member Section to the General Secretary TWO monthsprior to the A.G.M. Notice of nomination to be sent no later than four weeks prior to the A.G.M., to all members of the Executive and the Standing Committee. Serving Executive Officers vacating office are not required to be nominated as they come up for re-election automatically.
12.4 Any officer not wishing to be re-elected or to resign shall state their intention in writing to the Gen. Secretary SIX months prior to the A.G.M. An Executive officer resigning their office prior to the completion of their three year term of office without just cause shall not be eligible for an Executive or Standing Committee post in The Federation for a period of TEN years. In the event of a position being vacated during the term of office, any replacement shall initially serve out only the un-expired term of that officer but may be elected thereafter.
12.5 All property of the Federation must be handed over to an officer appointed by the Standing Committee within 28 days of notice to this effect on termination of office or before termination of office if required.
13.1 The Annual General Meeting of the Federation shall be held in conjunction with the spring Standing Committee Meeting. Where possible these 2 meetings will be held on the last weekend in March or nearest suitable weekend each year. The venue for the meetings may be in any Member country.
13.2 The time and place of the spring Standing Committee Meeting and the Annual General Meeting shall be fixed at the previous Standing Committee Meeting.
13.3 Three months’ notice of the Annual General Meeting shall be given by the Federation to all Members.
13.4 The business of the Annual General Meeting shall be:
(a) To approve the accounts.
(b) To elect Officers to the Executive.
(c) Approve amendments to the Constitution
and special notice having been given:
(d) The election of a Patron(s).
(e) Appointment of Honorary Life Members.
13.5 The Quorum for any General Meeting shall be not less than one third of Member Sections, present through their accredited Representative(s) or proxy.

13.6 Any Individual Member of the Federation or in its Member Sections shall be entitled to attend the Annual General Meeting, but only Member Sections through their Representatives are entitled to vote.

13.7 Voting shall be by a show of voting cards, which will be issued by the Gen. Secretary of the Federation to the representatives of each Member Section and they shall each have ONE vote.
13.8 The election of Officers to the Executive shall be by secret ballot if there be more than one nomination for the vacant Office.
13.9 The only Executive Officers entitled to vote at Annual General Meetings are the Chairman, Gen. Secretary and Treasurer, in the event of a tie in the number of votes cast, the Chairman shall have a second or casting vote and the majority shall decide the issue and such decision shall be finalexcept for articles of the Constitution which require a two thirds majority. This applies to changes and additions to the Constitution.
13.10 At the request of not less than one third of the fully paid up Member Sections an Extraordinary General Meeting shall be convened within TWO months of the application being made, the time and the place of the Meeting being decided by the Chairman. Only the subject(s) for which the meeting has been convened will form the business of the meeting.

13.11 No business shall be transacted at any General Meeting unless a Quorum is present. If within half an hour of the appointed time for the start of the Meeting a quorum is not present; in the case of an extraordinary General Meeting, called in accordance with sub-section above, such meeting shall be dissolved.
13.12 In any other case the meeting shall stand adjourned to the same day in the next week or to such place and time as the Chairman of the meeting shall determine. If at such adjourned meeting, there is no quorum present within fifteen minutes of the appointed time those Members present shall form the Quorum.
14.1 A European Country wishing to become a Member of the Federation shall:
I) Form its own Executive Committee modelled on the EFSA Executive. The minimum for such a Committee to be a Chairman, Secretary, and a Treasurer.
II) Formulate rules applicable to that Country. Such rules shall incorporate the aims and the objects of the Federation and in no way shall they contravene any rules of the Federation without the express permission in writing, of the Standing Committee.
III) Submit such rules to the Standing Committee for approval.
IV) Determine its own annual subscription fee and cause an up to date register to be kept recording names of all its members and affiliated bodies. An entrance fee may also be charged, and in the event of membership lapsing for a period of in excess of three months, such entrance fee may be re-imposed.
14.2 Membership may consist of : Individual Members, Life Members, Hon. Life Members, Associate Members, Junior Members and membership otherwise provided for in the rules.
14.3 Individual Members are those who have paid the annual subscription to the Section.

14.4 Life Members are individuals, who have attained 30 years of age and have been an
Individual Member for not less than three consecutive years. Sections may also choose a monetary aspect if so desired. There are no medals awarded for this category in EFSA events.
14.5 Associate Members are individual members of a body affiliated to the Member Section, such membership gives no individual rights of the Federation.
14.6 Junior Members are individuals who are under 18 years of age and have been accepted in membership with the written consent of a parent or guardian who shall be responsible and liable at all times.
14.7 Provided a Member Section shall have a minimum of 10 paid up Individual Members it shall have the right to appoint a maximum of two delegates to represent and vote for the Section at Standing Committee Meetings. Sections with less than 10 paid up members areentitled to 1 voting delegate only.
14.8 Member Sections should endeavour to affiliate other nationally recognised Sea Angling organisations in any manner they think fit, considering any circumstances. Bodies may only affiliate to the section where they are geographically based.
14.9 An Individual Member of a Section of their choice may also become a Member of any other Section(s) provided their subscriptions are paid to each Section where membership is desired, and that International Team Membership is limited to one Section. An Individual Member must be a member of the Section in which they are domiciled and must seek approval to participate as a member of another Section’s National Team. Any exception to this rule requires the approval of the Standing Committee.
14.10 An Individual Member who has been suspended by the Section of their choice, has a final right of appeal to Headquarters, the appeal to be heard under the procedures set out in rule 11.5.
15.1 The unauthorised use of the name, logo, or headed stationery of the European Federation of Sea Anglers is prohibited. The written approval of the Chairman and one other Executive Officer is required for authorised use.
15.2 The use of E.F.S.A. symbols and rules cannot be adopted by anyone without permission in writing from the Federation. Flags will be of standard size, design, and colour, as stipulated by the Standing Committee. Stationery also is standardised and all printed matters using the E.F.S.A. emblem must have approval in writing from the Standing Committee. This also applies to ties, badges and other item using the E.F.S.A. emblem.
15.3 No member of the Federation shall be entitled to any remuneration or profit, direct or indirect, by or through any Federation activity, unless authorised by resolution passed at a General Meeting of which notice has been given, but reimbursement of reasonable expenses incurred for a special assignment may be made if authorised by the Standing Committee and subsequently approved by the Treasurer and one other Officer not involved.
15.4 The Chairman of E.F.S.A., or their authorised representative(s) shall have expenses paid by E.F.S.A. Headquarters for travelling and accommodation where approved.
15.5 Other Executive Officers will be allowed expenses for travel only to attend each of two Executive meetings in each financial year, one of which must be the Annual General Meeting. Expenses will only be paid against travel receipts up to a maximum to be determined by the Standing Committee.

15.6 Sections may be awarded an allowance towards Delegates expenses in attending Standing Committee. Such amounts shall be fixed by The Executive on advice from The Treasurer.
15.7 The Federation undertake no responsibility whatsoever for any loss or damage of any kind (including personal injury or loss of life) suffered by any member or their property, incurred while the member is taking part in any event, held under the auspices of the Federation, or incurred in the furtherance of the business of the Federation. It is a condition of membership that neither the member nor their representatives shall make any claim against the Federation for any such loss or damage.
15.8 Host Sections shall take absolute responsibility for or take out a third party insurance policy to cover itself and Headquarters during all Championships organised on behalf of E.F.S.A., against all possible claims. The cost of the said insurance cover shall be paid by the host Sections. Insurance cover for national festivals is the responsibility of Member Sections.
16.1 The financial year of the Federation shall end on 31st December and a Revenue Account for the year, together with a balance sheet as at that date, duly certified, shall be submitted at the next following Annual General Meeting of the Federation. The currency used will be Sterling.
16.2 Membership subscription fees are payable on the 1st of January each year, based on membership numbers on the 31st of December of the preceding year. Such fees MUST be paid by 31st January of that year, failing which Section membership is INVALIDATED. No exceptions will be considered. Such subscriptions shall be fixed by Standing Committee from time to time.
16.3 Affiliation fees, if any, shall be determined by Standing Committee and such fees will be payable on a yearly basis.
16.4 A Championship or Festival fee shall be determined by Standing Committee and shall be payable by the host Member Section. The fee shall be levied for Championship events, which shall be decided by Standing Committee from time to time. The fee shall be remitted to the Treasurer of the Federation within ONE calendar month of the event occurring, unless otherwise determined by Standing Committee.

16.5 If the Federation falls into an overall deficit at any time said amount shall be recouped by dividing equally between Members (Sections & Affiliates) for payment into central funds.
17.1 The Federation shall have continuous succession and existence not withstanding changes in membership, unless and until three quarters of all members of the Federation, present in person or by proxy at a General Meeting of the members specially convened for such purpose, shall vote for the dissolution of the Federation.
17.2 All or any property of the Federation, after the payment of any debts, remaining at dissolution shall be divided among the Member Sections in equal shares, irrespective of the numbers of Individual Members which each Member Section may have.


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