Shore 2016 – Report


EFSA European Shore Championship 2016
Kilmuckridge, Co. Wexford, Ireland

The Shore Championship of The European Federation of Sea Anglers for 2016 was hosted by EFSA Ireland at Kilmuckridge, County Wexford from May 11th to 14th.

The Upton Court Hotel in Kilmuckridge was chosen as the headquarters due to it’s proximity to the beaches of Wexford which are renowned for their beauty, productivity and accessibility for shore angling.

Preparations have been underway for three years to have everything in place for the influx of competitors. In the end eight sections participated, they were represented by 63 competing anglers. The sections represented were Belgium, England, Germany, Iceland, Italy, Netherlands, Wales and the host section Ireland.

Many of the competitors had arrived a number of days early to do some sightseeing and to practice on beaches adjacent to the competition venues. It is not permitted to fish on the venues for seven days prior to the event. The practice sessions went very well with lots of fish being captured.

The opening ceremony took place at the HQ following the check in on Wednesday evening May 11th. This was followed by a finger food reception after which the zone draw took place. The competitors are drawn into five zones, one per International Team member.

A new trophy for the International Teams was on display. This was presented by EFSA Ireland in memory of the late Dermot Finnegan, President of EFSA Ireland for many years.

Day one, Thursday saw the anglers draw their bait packs at 13.30 in order to be on their pegs at Clones Strand in ample time for the kick off at 16.00. Bait provided was mackerel, king rag, sand eel and crab. Peg numbers were drawn on the first peg of each zone and the anglers set about their preparations for the contest. Those with local knowledge shared their fear that fish would difficult to catch with the sudden wind direction change to north east and even though the sun shone this proved to be the case.

The anglers struggled to catch in the earlier hours. Eventually the bait scent in the water enticed the fish to feed as dusk approached. The species captured were whiting, dab, schoolie bass, lesser spotted dogfish, codling, flounder, thornback ray and smooth hound.

Numbers of fish recorded were well down on expectations and well below the numbers captured on practice days. Many anglers failed to break single figures and only a very small number recording more than twenty fish.

When the calculations were completed the result was posted at 01.00. The leader was veteran Irish angler Shay O’Neill who also led the seniors and life members’ categories. The other zone winners were Roberto Loi (Italy), Mike Flynn (Wales), Ken Gainfort (Wales) and Clarinda van der Zande (Holland). Shay O’Neill and Mike Flynn led the pairs. Micheal Quinn, Warren Doyle (Ireland), Clarinda v/d Zande and Jerry Knight (England) topped the four person category. Clarinda v/d Zande topped the Lady’s category. The International Teams were led by Wales ‘B’ followed by Germany ‘A’ and Ireland A.

Longest round fish on day one was a 32 centimetre smooth hound for Tony Porritt from England. A thornback ray of 31 centimetres was best flat fish.

Day 2, Friday dawned with the wind still from the north east but with a distinct chill factor. Once again the anglers chose their bait packs at 13.30 to be on their pegs for the 16.00 start on Ballinoulart Beach. Bait provided was mackerel, king rag, lug wraps and sandeel. With plenty of time before the competition start the anglers were feeling the wind chill and had to wrap up to defend against it and the sun still shone deceptively.

The early hours were tough going with very few fish recorded and as with day one the fish failed to feed until late in the session. It was a disappointing session for many with several anglers failing to record any fish and only one zone winner above 20 recorded fish. In the main the fish were captured at distance which is generally not the case at this venue.

With conditions so tough the standings changed dramatically and when the results were posted at 00.30 the positions were:

Zone winners: Frank Wielgoss (Germany), Wilco Keur (Holland), Nicola Savio (Italy), Haydn Cole (Wales) and Steve Lewis (Wales).

Individual category after 2 sessions: 1. Andreas Burkhardt (Germany), 2. Mike Flynn, 3. Angelo Rubino (Italy).

Pairs after 2 sessions: Shay O’Neill and Mike Flynn.

Four Person team after 2 sessions: Ken Gainfort, Antonio Addotta (Italy), Nick Rush (England), Volker Claus (Germany).

Lady’s leader: Miranda Koop (Holland).

Senior’s leader: Shay O’Neill also leading the ‘life’ section.

International Team: 1. Germany ‘A’, 2. Italy ‘B’, 3. Ireland ‘B’.

Day one long fish were still longest after session two.

Ballinesker Beach was the venue for the final session on Saturday. Bait distribution took place at 08.30 to allow the anglers to set up for an 11.00 start. The bait for the session was mackerel, sandeel, lug wraps and maddies (harbour rag).

The north east wind once again persisted and the organisers worried that the early start would lead to catches poorer than the previous two days. This proved to be the case but not quite as poor as feared. There were lots of small fish under the 18 centimetre size limit but sizeable fish showed up as well. Some decent flat fish were recorded along with a number of bass. As the saying goes ‘It was the same for everyone’. It was a beautiful sunny day albeit a little on the chilly side and the anglers were set to their task from the off. Fish had to be winkled out on a scratchy day. True championship fishing for the final session.

Lines in was called at 16.00 and the cards were collected for the calculations to declare the final placings. The tough conditions on the final day had once again altered the placings considerably.

Zone winners on day three were: Dave Lovelock (England), Reynir Halldorsson (Iceland), Volker Claus, Roberto Loi and Stuart Jones (England).

Best Lady day three: Ines Birnstiel (Germany).

Best Senior day three: Dave Lovelock.

Best flat fish day three: 32 centimetre flounders for Dave Lovelock and Paull Curtice (England).

Best round fish day three: 38 centimetre seabass for Warren Doyle.

The presentation dinner commenced at 19.30 in The Upton Court Hotel where a superb meal was enjoyed by the 100 seated anglers and guests. Each person was presented with a momento of the event made especially by Mairead Stafford of Ballyellend Pottery in Castlebridge, Co. Wexford. The dinner was followed by the presentation of awards.

EFSA Ireland Chairman George McCullough made his closing remarks prior to the presentation. He welcomed all those seated and thanked the staff of The Upton Court Hotel for their professional and courtious serving of the various courses. He also thanked the ‘beach peggers’, Ken Forsyth and Stephen Glynn. He congratulated the results committee for their prompt and efficient results production after each session. He also congratulated and thanked EFSA Ireland Secretary Warren Doyle for another well run event ‘under the belt’.

The teams, Lady ,Senior, Life category awards were presented by EFSA Ireland Chairman George McCullough followed by the individual top ten awards and EFSA Pins which were presented by EFSA Shore Festival Officer Phil Lustig.

Award recipients:

Senior: 1. Shay O’Neill, 2. Dave Lovelock, 3. Klaus Friedmann (Germany).

Lady: 1. Ines Birnstiel, 2. Annette Poehler (Germany), 3. Miranda Koop.

Life Member: 1. Micheal Quinn, 2. Shay O’Neill, 3. Ken Forsyth. (All from Ireland).

Pairs: 1. Shay O’Neill, Mike Flynn, 2. Warren Doyle, Roberto Loi, 3. Marcus Wuest (Germany), Shane Tucker (Wales).

4 Person Team:

1 2 3
Mike Flynn Ken Gainfort Maurits Keur
Andrea Ferri Antonio Addotta Dave Lovelock
Frank Wielgoss Nick Rush Ken Forsyth
Reynir Halldorsson Volker Claus Hans Juergen Glaeser


3 Person Executive Team:

1 2 3
Andres Burkhardt Mike Flynn Wilco Keur
Nick Rush Nicola Savio Kim Bowden
Hans Juergen Glaeser Annette Poehler Ken Forsyth

 International Teams (Dermot Finnegan Memorial Trophy)

1 2 3
Germany ‘A’ Ireland ‘A’ Italy ‘B’
Hans Juergen Glaeser Ken Forsyth Silvano Reali
Andreas Burkhardt Jack Keegan Angelo Rubino
Volker Claus Stephen Glynn Roberto Loi
Frank Wielgoss Shay O’Neill Nicola Savio
Darragh Farrell Kieran Rice Andrea Ferri


Best round fish over three days: 42 centimetre smooth hound for Tony Porritt

Best flatfish over three days: 32 centimetre flounders for Dave Lovelock and Paull Curtice.

Individuals Top Ten Placings.

  1. Andreas Burkhardt (Gold Pin and Libby Walker Quaich for Champion of Europe 2016)
  2. Volker Claus (Silver Pin)
  3. Roberto Loi (Bronze Pin)
  4. Mike Flynn
  5. Micheàl Quinn
  6. Shane Tucker
  7. Stuart Jones
  8. Shay O’Neill
  9. Frank Wielgoss
  10. Wilco Keur

Following the awards ceremony the anglers and guests were treated to a cultural show presented by Celtic Roots. The show consisted of ballad singing, storytelling and several Irish Dance displays. The show was a super finale to a wonderful competition very much enjoyed by all who attended.

This concluded a most enjoyable event.



EFSA Ireland would like to thank the following:

The management and staff of The Upton Court Hotel.

Results committee. Warren Doyle, Ken Forsyth, Shay O’Neill, Jimmy Jones, Terry Carolan, Micheal Quinn, George McCullough and Christy Cloak EFSA Ireland treasurer who keeps everyone on the straight and narrow.

Beach Peggers: Ken Forsyth, Stephen Glynn.

Terry Carolan and George McCullough who ferried many anglers to the venues.

George McCullough who travelled to Kerry to collect the maddies.

John Sheehan (Kerry Baits), Martin Howlin (Nationwide Baits), Dave Tilly (Celtic Baits).

Màirèad Stafford, Ballyellen Pottery.

Deirdre O’Brien, Waterford Outdoor and Angling centre.

Malcolm Newitt and Terry Carolan for the sponsored lead weights.

Michael Corlett of Viking Tackle.

Key Plastics for the measures.

Wexford County Council.

Fàilte Ireland.

Inland Fisheries Ireland and David Byrne who posted the daily report on the IFI website.