April 2009

Standing Committee Meeting Gatwick  April 2009

Fifteen members sections were present for the meeting, and the following  matters are of relevance.

The meeting was opened in the absence of the Chairman by the Treasurer, Arthur White, who welcomed all present. He advised members of the unfortunate road accident the Chairman had experienced, and unfortunately his flight from Thailand had brought an adverse reaction, although this it was hoped would be soon be remedied.

A minute silence was held in memory of Mrs Aud Holmedal, a long standing member of EFSA Norway who had sadly died recently.

Apologies had been received from the Chairman, and from the Shore Championship Officer who was recovering from heart surgery.

Application for a new section in the Faroe Islands had been received, and was approved.
EFSA Spain were requesting re-designation of their section as EFSA Catalonia which was agreed.

Advice of a new Secretary for EFSA Netherlands had been received.

The meeting did not approve Thailand as the venue for the 2010 Game Championships. Alternative venues would be circulated before the next meeting for a decision in Stromness.

Proposed venues for the 2012 Boat Championships in Norway were circulated, with member sections being asked to submit their preference. This will be the 50th Championship.

Details were circulated of the following events:
Shore Championships 2009  Langeland
Species Championship 2010  Portugal  Bream

The following Championship applications were approved:
2011 Boat & Line Class 2011   Weymouth, England  late September
2011 Species Championship  EFSA Germany fishing in Langeland  Flatfish

The next meeting will take place on 1st August 2009 in Stromness, Orkney, Scotland, followed by the Annual General Meeting.