August 2013

Standing Committee Meeting Denmark August 2013

The meeting was attended by delegates from eleven sections.
The following items were discussed.
A discussion paper on the use of artificial bait additives was circulated for review at the next meeting.
The 2014 Handbook would be published in the current format, but production of future issues would be dependent on the appointment of a P.R.O. for Headquarters.
Reductions have been agreed to HQ Officers’ expenses.
The Supplies Officer reported good sales of stocks in recent months.

The Fish recorder reported that no claims have been submitted for 2013.

An update of the 2013 Game Championships was given, together with proposals for the 2015 event in Florida which will probably be a 3 day event.

As from 2014 an additional levy (bond) will be applied to all Championships. The full levy must be paid prior to the event, and the additional amount will only be refunded when all Championship check list requirements have been completed.

Updates on forthcoming Boat Championships in Denmark, Weymouth, Orkney and Ireland were given, together with the Species event in Iceland 2014, and Shore events in Netherlands 2013 and Wales 2014.

The next Standing Committee Meeting will be in Gatwick in April 2014

The Standing Committee Meeting was followed by the Annual General Meeting which covered the following matters:

Approval of Minutes of 2012 A.G.M.
Approval of the 2012 Audited Accounts.
Confirmation of re-establishment of EFSA Malta.
Re-Election of Treasurer and Fish Recorder.
Written Reports from member sections.

Date of next Annual General Meeting – Sunday 14th September 2014