September 2014

Standing Committee Meeting Weymouth September 2014

The meeting was attended by delegates from 13 sections.
The following matters of note were covered:
Sections were reminded of the need to consider the future of Life Membership in view of the low investment returns currently available.
Nominations were requested for the post of Championship Officer (Boat) which will be vacant in mid-2015.
A presentation was made to Carol Wood on completion of 20 years as Minute Secretary.
The re-formation of an Austrian section was in progress.
The Fish Recorder reported on disappointing number of record claims in 2013 and 2014 reflecting the increasing difficulty in achieving records. A number of opportunities still existed however in the 4kg records.
A full report was made on the 2014 Species Championship in Iceland.
Updates were given on the following events:
Boat & Line Class Weymouth 2014, Orkney 2015, Cobh 2016
Species Denmark 2015, Plymouth 2016
Shore Wales 2014, Malta 2015, Ireland 2016
Game Florida 2015
Approval was given for the 2017 Boat & Line Class Championships in Norway, and the 2018 Shore Championships in Italy.