April 2012

Standing commitee meeting Gatwick April 2012

Thirteen sections were present at the meeting.

The following matters were covered:

EFSA Supplies – In view of increasing postage costs, in future these would be charged on orders. Sections were encouraged to place orders for delivery at meetings to avoid these costs.
Encouraging sales had been seen of 50th Championship badges.

Updated information on the 2012 Species, Shore, and Boat and Line Class Championships was issued.

Initial details of the 2013 Game Championships in Cabo San Lucas, Mexico from 28th October to 2nd November were provided.

The following future events were confirmed:

2015 Boat and Line Class Championships in Orkney, Scotland
2016 Boat and Line Class Championships in Cobh, Ireland
2014 Species Championship Iceland  Target species Cod
2015 Species Championship Wales  Target species Ray

In view of rising costs it was agreed to review the format of future events to investigate areas of potential savings.

The establishment of a P.R.O. for Headquarters was discussed and it was agreed that the Executive would consider the matter further, on the basis of a trial, non-Executive appointment.

EFSA H.Q. is now a member of RAC-MED

The next Standing Committee Meeting will be in Tanager, Norway on 4th August 2012