July 2006

Standing Committee Meeting – 8th July 2006 Harstad, Norway

Report on the Standing Committee Meeting – Harstad, Norway 8th July 2006

Delegates from 13 sections were present for the meeting.

New EFSA Section – Ukraine was welcomed as a new EFSA Section.

The Secretary, Hamish Holmes, reported on the increased levying of excess baggage charges on fishing equipment being carried by air. This was likely to become an increasing problem for competitors at EFSA events.

The Fish Recorder, David Wood stated that records were now becoming harder to beat, with only 12 new marks set in 2005, seven Line Class and five All Tackle. To date only two Fly Caught records had been claimed.

The Game Championships for 2006 in Kenya are fully subscribed.

The following Officers were due for election: Chairman, Supplies Officer, festival Officer (Game) and in each case the current officials were standing for re-election unapposed.
In addition the festival Officer (Boat & Shore), Mrs Libby Walker was retiring, and was thanks for her efforts over the years. It was recommended and accepted that the office be spit into two, and the following nominees were put forward unopposed: Festival Officer (Boat) David Styles, Festival Officer (Shore) Phil Lustig.

Details were given of the current position on the following events: Line Class & Boat Championships Weymouth, England September 2007 Line Class & Boat Championships Cobh, Ireland August 2008 A provisional application had been received for 2009 Stromness, Orkney, Scotland.

Species Championships Vestmannaeyjar, Iceland May 2007
Species Championships Ostende, Belgium May 2008 Flatfish
Species Championship Plymouth, England May 2009 Conger
Shore Championships Wexford, Eire November 2006
Shore Championships Pwlheli, Wales November 2007
Shore Championships Netherlands 2008

Game Championships 2008 – It was agreed that these would take place in South Africa, probably between October & December. In addition in 2007 the event in Portugal in August would be a recognised European Festival.

The next Standing Committee Meeting will take place in Dublin, Eire on 28th April 2007.